Star Wars: Squadrons is a dream game. It plays like a modern X-Wing vs Tie Fighter and that’s exactly what I wanted. In VR the sense of sitting in a space fighter cockpit is arresting. Being able to track targets naturally as you dogfight is a huge improvement to the “chase the targeting arrow” gameplay that playing a space sim on a monitor usually ends up with.

Just look at this clip, it’s incredible.

The campaign is a good length with a traditional but well executed Star Wars™ story. It also functions as a tutorial for the multiplayer which besides dogfighting has a semi DOTA like mode called fleet battles. It’s the type of multiplayer game that rewards extensive play but is fun the first time you queue up.

VR is still in this slightly weird place where it’s a compelling technology that opens the world to completely new forms of entertainment. But the current technology is awkward and until we have smaller and lighter headsets I don’t think it’ll go beyond the small niche. The Oculus Quest line is already improving this however and if the rate of development continues it won’t be long before VR has its moment.

Squadrons is a great place to spend time. I can just fire up practice mode, jump in an A-Wing and live the Star Wars space fighter dream. A-Wings rule, you can’t hate them. For the 20 quid on sale this is a no brainer for any Star Wars fan, buy buy buy.


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