My full name is Joseph Poser but most people call me Joe. This is where I write about the things I'm interested in and stuff I'm working on. The plan is that if I write about starting something it will push me to finish it. At the moment I'm interested in computers, the internet and quadcopters. I'm still learning Python, didn't like Java and can build a drone or two.

Things I like include; Linux, bad sci-fi films, Parks and Recreation, video games and anything else I post about on twitter.

I planned not to write about politics but last years American election has changed that. There will likely be more posts about it in future.

The Blog is generated with Pelican and uses the Pelican-Bootrap-3 theme so a big thanks to DandyDev for that and everyone else who's worked on Bootstrap and Pelican. I really like how the site has turned out but I'll probably play with how it looks and works as and when I get bored. This will break things.

I currently reside in London. I'm from Dorset. I've got a BA in Politics and International Relations and spent two years working for a trade union. That'll probably tell you a fair bit about how I think about the world. I hope you find what I write interesting and if I've explained something well enough, learn something new.

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Joe Poser