How the trumpquake has shaken our faith in democracy

The realities of what Trump is and what he represents are so shocking those on the democratic left that it is hard to rationalise. Worse is the thought that even in a stable, free and representative democracy he can win. We reject it, we begin aportioning blame. Some on the liberal left have been openly calling for the intellegence communities to remove the President, that would be the end of Democracy in the United States.

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The end of hope - the aftermath of the 2016 US presidential election

Trump won and won well.

Early analysis of exit poll data seems to show it was white people who swung the election. I was wrong about Hispanic voters saving Clinton's campaign, as many as 29% appear to have voted for Trump and deportations. Instead white people look to have discovered block voting. I thought that Obama's presidency had shown that America had largely come to terms with it's often dark history. I was wrong

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Polling day for the president of the United States

I'm writing this on the morning of the most frightening election of my lifetime. The contest between Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump to be the most powerful human on the planet has been utterly terrifying. Contrast this to 2008 when we had the most charismatic and inspiring candidate come from being a complete outsider to being victorious on a message of hope.

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