Installing Arch

I’ve been a Linux user on and off for over a decade now, sometimes I even get paid to use it. If you’ve never used Linux the terminology around it can be quite confusing, Linux isn’t an operating system like Windows or MacOS but can be better thought of as a platform for building operating systems. In Linux land (population nerds) these operating systems are called distributions and the differences between them can make a huge difference to the way you use your computer. I’ve been a long term user of the Ubuntu distribution only recently switching to Fedora because of its relationship with Red Hat.

Both Fedora and Ubuntu are designed to be easy to use and largely get out of the way of the user. Arch is not designed to do that, it is for the hardcore. Arch's software is bleeding edge, you will get the latest Linux Kernel whether it works or not. And most of all it is known to be an unbelievable pain to install.

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