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It’s time for me to add to the vast pile of posts about life under the COVID-19 lockdown. So far in terms of day to day living it hasn’t been too bad. After the initial panic buying slowed down and people accepted the measures locally it’s been easy to get hold of food and other essentials and we never went short of anything we needed.

I’ve found myself reading more which I think is a positive, my diet has undoubtedly improved as I’m not commuting to work and buying terrible office worker food and I’ve been exercising most days. I’ve not been skating as it seems like a risk that society could probably do without while hospitals are swamped with COVID cases, as the outbreak in London dies down I’ll look to find a way to fit it into my life again as I miss it.

The hardest thing has been forbidden from seeing friends and family, that’s been relaxed a little but I don’t know when I’ll see my parents next.


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