Free to yay

A few months ago I noticed that Destiny 2 had gone free to play and boy have I fallen for that trap. It is sublime, Bungie really knows how to make an engaging video game and Destiny 2 absolutely nails much of what made the Halo series so engaging.

I wasn't expecting how hard I'd fall for Destiny’s grind which I guess is proof that if you put enough reward mechanics in any game then you'll eventually start developing some compulsive habits. Thankfully it hasn't led to me compulsively playing to finish the really long quests but I have found myself writing ToDo lists for what I thought was a video game and that is somewhat worrying.

The other way of looking at the Destiny task list is it gives you a nice bitesize way to play the game for a couple of hours, achieve a small goal and then log off which is how I’ve been playing it so maybe the grind isn’t so bad after all

Grind mechanics usually put me off so that’s a testament to how good the game is. Destiny 2 is a lovely place to spend some video game time either alone or with some friends. The lore is hilarious sci-fi nonsense, the shooting is engaging and the environments are beyond stunning. I love Io's big sky absolutely dominated by a looming Jupiter.

The campaign for better Guardian onboarding

The one negative is the introduction quests are terrible at onboarding you, the game throws so much content at you it’s totally overwhelming. If you are starting out I strongly recommend just playing through some of the old story content accessible from Amanda Holiday in the Tower. It introduces you to a lot of the environments and is just a really solid little campaign.

All in all if you are looking for a way to unwind I can't recommend Destiny 2 enough, it takes the action RPG format of repetitive quests and loot and adds that Bungie magic that had me playing Halo for hours on end last decade.


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