I spent a good amount of my early teens playing Eve Online, at a time when I was on a 56k modem and the world was moving to broadband. It was one of the few compelling multiplayer games that I could play. It was also about awesome looking spaceships, player made empires and terrifying PvP. I have some amazing memories of spectacular fleet engagements, high politics and well organised mining operations.

I got talking about Eve with Megaslippers of GnR at FOSS talk live and decided to give Eve another go 10 years later. And at first it's like riding a bike. I buy a freighter which are the ford transits of the Eve universe and fly around the galaxy picking up my old rubbish to sell back in the trade system Jita. I'm making money, liquidating assets, feeling like I'm accomplishing something.

Then I decide to sell my Battleship, it's decked out in Tech II weapons which even 10 years later sell at a serious premium. There is one problem, it's in low sec space and getting it out is a risk, although a minor one. I undock from the station which is only two jumps away from safety, warp to the gate, jump and select the next gate. And I don't warp off. I look at my overview and I've been targeted, and locked down by a couple of smaller ships that are far too close for my guns to be of any threat to them.

My heart sinks. I know I've screwed up and this is going to cost me. Two minutes and after a paltry effort at fighting back with some drones 200 million in isk Eve's in game currency goes pop.

Welcome back to New Eden.


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