Walking on the Perito Mereno Glacier was awesome in the traditional sense. It is the most amazing thing I have ever done. Parts of the Chistopher Nolan film Insterstellar were filmed on a glacier and it really does feel like stepping onto another planet.

The way light refracts through the ice giving it a spectrum from white through to dark violet. The huge crevasses that crack into the ice from the unstoppable flow of ice are azure blue and make you feel very small. And drinking whiskey on the rocks with glacier ice is my perfect end to a tour. If you ever make it down to southern Argentina you should contact Heilo y Adventura who are the only company to offer walking tours on the glacier.

We then headed up to El Chalten to the north of argentine national park. I had hoped to go to the Chilean side and trek the Torres Del Paine but being here so late and short on funds sent us north.

I'm glad we did, the mountains and trails under them in Chalten are awesome. I have some idea how the peaks were carved out of granite but they still look impossible. With the Glaciers spilling off them and lagoons underneath, the views at the end of the trails in Chalten are the most beautiful I've ever seen.

The forests that grow around the glaciers and lakes in Patagonia in autumn are a vibrant orange, and if photos are to be belived can almost aproach ruby red if you get there just as the leaves are turning.

We are leaving Patagonia today to head up to Argentina, unfortunatly it is horribly expensive for a backpacker. Food in particular probably because of the distance it has to travel is very costly. So we're flying to Buenos Ares to eek out our last few weeks in South America. We may go to the Iguazu waterfalls or spend a few days in Uraguay. We just don't know. I am however armed with a list of the best Parilla's in the Argentine capital and intend to get meat drunk on bife de chorizo for a few days.


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