This blog's been quiet of late. Not because I have lacked things to write about but mostly from being busy and lacking a good workflow for writing.

No more, I'm going to be alot less busy for the next couple of months and I've improved my workflow. I'm using as a browser based text editor alongside Sublime Text, this lets me write from most of of my machines so long as they are linked to my Dropbox. I then run it through Pelican and push it to the server provided by my good friend Thomas Greer. Check him out at TSOne for any IT consulting or hosting needs, he's excellent.


This leads to the topic of this entry, I'm going away for a few months to South America. I leave on the 1st of March and return on the 25th of May flying out to Lima and back from Buenos Aires.

This is something I've wanted to do since I was 16 having read On the Road by Jack Kerouac and hearing about his Mambo fuelled road trip into Central and Southern America. Leaving now I'm 25 it's nearly 10 years later, but I'm hugely excited to be fullfilling an old promise to myself. There are a few things I've always wanted to see, the ancient Inca Capital of Cusco in the Andes and a glacier in Patagonia being very high on hte list.

In planning this Trip with my partner I've been relatively hands off, I know roughly where I want to go. From Lima to the north of Peru, down to Cusco and into Bolvia. In Bolivia seeing the Desert, Salt Flats and La Paz. From there on to Chile and down to Santiago and Patagonia. And finally back up into Argentina. We're planning on utilising a lot of Coaches so there will be plenty of time to write and take in the scenery.

What's happening to the blog?

What this means for the Blog is a few things, I'll be bringing a Laptop to write on and practise coding in queiter moments. This means there will be two of types of update depending on how the latter goes while I'm abroad, travel blogs and project updates. There's a few things I've been working on; I've built yet another quadcopter, I'm writing a basic twitter bot using Tweepy and Python and teaching myself some configurations and infrastructure management tools like Ansible and Terraform.

Of course publishing requires I hold on to my Laptop, if I lose it I'll write things in a notebook keep careful track of the date and write it up when I get back.


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