This post was written about 3 months ago and alot has happened since then, however it was also the first thing I commited to text when I decided I'd learn how to programme. As such there are some things that have changed. I did create a comments section because it turned out to be easy when you farm it out to Disqus (Thank you Disqus). The blog is now statically generated. It has been lightly edited for obvious typo's and to make it read a little better.

My name is Joe and yes my surname really is Poser. I like mucking about with computers and the internet, I have done for as long as I've had access to them however I haven't got much to show for my time with computers other than some decent reflexes and screenshots of a successful Minmus landing in Kerbal Space Program. Neither of those are hugely useful so I've decided I'm going to learn some new skills. This will be:

  1. Fun (and I hope)
  2. Productive

To this end I am going to embark on a number projects and one of them is creating this web based journal or log. Ok its a blog, we all hate blogs, I can't write and I'm certainly not creating a comments section because its hard and that way madness lies. Especially as this currently is basic HTML with a CSS layout. I'm currently happy with it. I intend to make changes pretty fast though. I am looking into static page generation to make it dynamic but if I'm feeling brave I might start a project to build my own news feed script.

This journal is mainly for me although I do realise I am publishing it. I intend to increase its complexity as my skill increases, hence the '1.2'. In the future I'm going to embark on some cool (I think it's cool anyway) stuff, I already have plans to get involved with some homebrew electronics. I've always thought using LED grids to make images was just plain cool so I'm going to make one of those. For now though I'm just quite chuffed this doesn't look horrendously ugly. Next time I'm going to learn some Python.


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